Whistleblower Pharmacist, Ms Neelu Chaudhari, exposes Artificially Induced Poverty by Banks to Enslave + Destroy Humanity via Puppet Leaders in Satanic Sacrifice Against God

Neelu comes from a 300 year history of Chaudhari (Lord) Judges from Lahore, now in Pakistan, previously the 4 limbs of "Hindustan" or "Bharat", now India - Judicial, Spiritual, Financial, Educational, which were "mutilated" by forced conversions of 300 million Vegetarian, Hindus & Sikhs, to meat-eating, Christians, Muslims & Jews, at British "Gun-point" on 14 Aug 1947 (Creation of Islam) & 15 Aug 1947, Death of Hindu/Sikh/Sufi as the Biggest Human Genocide Against Humanity by 20th Century Satanic Corporate Structures, in line with the 1649 Act for the Promotion & Propagation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ www.mfn99.webs.com

Neelu has drafted the Lakshmi documents offering $1 Quntillion, in Gold, to World Leaders, for their people, and settling the claims, made by each of 7.6 billion people, in 253 countries, in the sum of $6 million per person, each as Payments 1-11 Swissindo, under Swissindo International Law of 14 June 2010

Neelu is a volunteer with Swissindo for 6 years, to end poverty & slavery systems which feed off humanity to destroy families and communities in Satanic Rituals to serve SATAN.

Neelu has acted as an advocate and petitioner in hundreds of cases, to stop Banking Frauds, Property Thefts, Human Trafficking and State Child Abuse 

Neelu has researched the murders of all the Royals of India, the last Maharajah of India, Duleep Singh, kidnapped and adopted by Queen Victoria in the theft of India and Canada (Notice, he "gave" the Kohinoor to the Foster Mother Queen, who assumed ownership of India, in exchange for the "wasteland Canada" on 1869).   
Duleep's daughter, Sophia, set up the Sufragettes in the UK  
Included is the research for Rev Kevin Annett regarding the murders of Native North American Residential School children, in Satanic Rituals by Christian teachers.

Neelu Exposed Routine high death rates, rapes, satanic rituals and mutilation of babies and children within the UK State health NHS service after her 5 month old baby neice was held as a political prisoner, isolated, raped, murdered and mutilated in State Care in a UK hospital.  The death rate dropped by 30% when the Maternity Department was shut down. Neelu was struck off as a Pharmacist because she exposed 60 NHS staff were involved in the drug overdoses of Unlicensed use of Ranitidine, denial of oxygen, food and milk. Sunaina;s body was kept hidden in a UK Mortuary for 7 years and now in Delhi Mortuary for 14 years pending money in India to investigate her death using Swissindo Prosperity.  Magistrates Courts will be set up by the 18th Law Commission of India to stop 100,000 Dowry bride murders and 1 million baby girls murdered at birth due to poverty every year in India.

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"On the publication of the first edition of his book, the Most Corrupt British Judges, the Author, a lawyer with over fifty years experience of legal practice, sent copies  of it to the Lord Chancellor, and the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in London with formal complaints for investigations of the crimes committed by some judges. 
The office of the Lord Chancellor promised to carry out necessary investigations.  When the Author demanded that the investigations  comply with the rule of natural justice,  or that they treat the complaint as withdrawn, they opted to treat the complaint as withdrawn!
On receipt of the complaints, the Commissioner of Metropolitan Police appointed Senior Superintendent Coles,  to investigate it.  As no investigation took place, the Author made a formal application to the criminal court for a private prosecution of one of the judges, Lord Justice Morrison for the offence of perverting the course of justice.  The application  was not dealt with by a Magistrate as required by law but by a court clerk who rejected it on the ground that it would create a precedent, where judges would no longer judge without fear.  In short, that judges were to be above the law!  
The author appealed to the High Court which upheld the decision of the clerk and refused to have the case heard on its merit!
Though the book was published on the Internet and an affidavit affirming that the accusations in it are true, yet no notice to sue for libel was ever given.  Nor was there a criminal prosecution for perjury although at the time, former Minister Jonathan Atkins, and former Chairman of the Conservative Party Lord Jeffrey Archer were prosecuted for perjury in similar circumstances.  Failure to prosecute and to sue are admission that the abuse of judicial power complained of took place. "

Neelu Chaudhari and her late sister, Sadhana, mother of late Baby Sunaina, with Sir Dr Akena Adoko, author of the book:-

Book: The Most Corrupt British Judges 
by Sir Dr Akena Adoko President of the Law Societuy of Uganda

Who Killed Baby Sunaina? by Sir Dr Akena Adoko 

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