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Indictment of UK Justice Leaders in Westminster Magistrates Court


"Indictment of UK Justice Leaders in Westminster Magistrates Court"

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By Miss Neelu Chaudhari, Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex IG5 0JR, UK http://www.icj13.webs.com

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A private prosecution has been started in the Westminster Magistrates Court against the Queen, Justice Ministers, Attorney General, Lord Chief justice & Lord Chancellor for the embezzlement of billions of public funds in a dysfunctional justice system committing crimes against the people with complex legislation far removed from God’s laws.


Zo and her mother Corina were wrongfully evicted from the Brondesbury Christian Church yesterday, without a warrant, where they had a roof above their heads whilst they fought in court to move back into their own home of 35 years, which had been converted into three separate flats worth over a million pounds.

Their nightmare started when they made a formal complaint to and against HHJ David Charles Mitchell, Senior judge at the Central London County Court.

The same private agents, who had wrongly evicted them from their home earlier, entered with keys they had obtained with Church leaders, terrorizing elderly Corina with threats of physical force.  As before, the agents did not produce a court warrant and unlawfully made threats with “removal wherever they may go” suggesting they believe to be above the law.


This kind of scenario is very common for anyone who complains about HHJ Mitchell.  Mr Mohammed Alhadari, 81, was also forcibly removed from his flat, which he bought with cash for his retirement, after the court was misled that he was behind with his rent.  He had settled the disputed service charge of around £600 when he deposited cash of £5000 in the Chancery Division of the High Court, but the money went missing.  The Central London County Court ordered the auction of the flat and costs of over £100,000 were awarded to the solicitors in farcical recovery of the £5,000 stolen by court staff.


A few months ago, Mrs Sabra Mohammed called for the arrest of Judge Mitchell after various members of her family were abducted by Nigerian Agents, privately hired by Westminster Council and she was prevented from recovering personal property worth over £6 million pounds by a restraining order by Judge Mitchell.


Mrs Neelu Berry, also called for his arrest for perverting the course of justice in personal injury claims worth several million by destroying documents and files to strike out claims, awarding costs to insurance companies to steal damages in the Central London County Court.  


In her determination Neelu, a Whistleblower Pharmacist and teacher, has started a Private Prosecution against the Queen, Justice Ministers, Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice & Attorney General for the theft & embezzlement of billions of pounds worth of public funds in a dysfunctional Justice system, which no longer serves any public function.  Her indictment and the court transcripts she relies on can be found on http://icj13.webs.com.  

The Magistrates courts in the UK have forwarded the Private Prosecution to Westminster Magistrates Court for an oral hearing before a jury, at which she will invite all members of the public who have been aggrieved with false evictions, theft of homes, property, damages etc to have their immediate reparations & remedies.

Despite many complaints against the judge being filed with the Office of Judicial Complaints, Judge Mitchell remains in office against public interests to continue to commit the crimes, discriminating against Litigants in Persons in all the London County Courts via his Annual Reports in which he boasts about issuing restraining orders on Litigants in Persons such as Corina, Mr Alhadari & Mrs Mohammed, robbed of their personal property & homes.

"This is unacceptable and the public will have an opportunity before a jury to get their reparations ", says Mrs Berry.


Freedom of Information Requests

Mr Alhadari

Mrs Sabra Mohammed

Mrs Neelu Berry

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