Corporate led assassinations against innocent members of the public is widespread and immune to criminal prosecution.

Evidence that London Bombings were Corporate led is concealed by arrest and imprisonment of Muad'Dib, Producer of Ripple Effect 2 documentary 

1. 7/7 London Bombings event on 07/07/05 was Corporate-led

Documentary "Ripple Effect 2" by Muad'Dib 


Evidence suggests Alleged suicide bombers were assassinated around 10.30am on 07/07/2005 in Canary Wharf, and Charles Jean De Menezes, the electrician, two weeks later 

2. Project Mannequin - Global Child trafficking & remote-killing-Assassin rings

Free book "Buried Alive" by James Casbolt aka Michael Prince


Evidence suggests dozens of suicides by hanging in teenagers in Bridgend Wales were by remote assassinations by genetically modified humans, as part of Corporate led Project Mannequin.