Indictment of UK Justice Ministry

UK Justice leaders are accused of theft, fraud, bribery & corruption of over £220 billion pounds annually, of public money to deny & pervert justice.

Formal response received on 05 March 2014 from the Chief Magistrate of Westminster Magistrates Court, Judge Howard Riddle, sitting alone, without a JURY, without considering the indisputable evidence provided of TreasonFraud & Perjury in court proceedings in OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPTS, which demonstrates further how public money is being embezzled without due process



B E T W E E N:

Mrs. Neelu Berry

- v -

The Attorney General, Lords Chancellor & Chief Justice & the Justice Ministers




Theft, fraud, bribery & corruption in public offices of over £220 billion public money annually to frustrate justice, obstruct justice and deny access to justice in violation of the Oath of Office to uphold the Oath to maintain and abide by God’s laws constituting High Treason, Misprison of Treason, Misconduct in judicial/public office, perverting the course of justice & contempt of court.


I, Mrs. Neelu Berry of Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0JR, UK, hereby bring a Private Prosecution against the Attorney General, Lord Chancellor, Lord Chief Justice & the Justice Ministers for High Treason in maladministration of justice in UK courts, leading to miscarriages of justice, false prosecutions, false imprisonment and torture, denying justice, access to justice and effective remedy, contrary to the Oath to maintain (inviolate) God’s laws.

I rely on the evidence in the transcript before judgement on 23 May 2013 in the Queen’s Bench before Mr Justice Sycamore of your failure to ensure that local authorities are not controlling all Crown Court, High Court and Appeal Court decisions to uphold false prosecutions without law, brought in Magistrates courts, despite appeals in the Snaresbrook Crown Court and Criminal Court of Appeal. Mr Justice Sycamore gave audience and costs to Mr. Mark Himsworth for the interested party local authority without law and jurisdiction, despite the application for judicial review being undefended by the Defendant Crown Court and Treasury solicitors.

In London Borough of Redbridge V Chaudhari & Kumar, on 18 January 2012, HHJ Louise Kamill in the Snaresbrook Crown Court, 1) refused to hear an appeal to the false prosecution by London Borough of Redbridge in the Redbridge Magistrates Court, and 2) unlawfully doubled the fine to over £20,000, without law and jurisdiction, despite evidence that the lower court acted without law, without jurisdiction and without evidence.



Misconduct in Public office obstructing justice, denying justice, promoting injustice, in a failed Justice Ministry based on complex fraudulent legislation in the UK outside the comprehension of common people and perverse to the Oath to maintain God’s laws that prohibit legislating, to provide effective remedies and uphold God-given rights


On 31 January 2012, an appeal on Form NG was handed in to the court manager Mr. Stuart Hill, but which has not been processed to date. My family and I have been subjected to threats of arrest and imprisonment by DJ Kemp in the Redbridge Magistrates Court without law. Despite a letter dated 03 February 2013, from my sister Miss Sadhana Chaudhari, to you, you have failed to take remedial action to stop maladministration in UK courts.



Adversarial justice system discriminates against common people, is inefficient and ineffective resulting in a breakdown of justice and access to justice to individuals. The list of vexatious litigants with names such as Dr Akena Adoko, a human rights advocate, is perverse to God’s laws. Litigants in persons are unlawfully being subjected to civil restraining orders to deny justice & access to justice. Judges routinely ignoring perjury, encouraging perjury by solicitors and barristers are not being subjected to disciplinary action or immediate dismissal.


On 13 February 2013, Miss Chaudhari wrote to you about the perjury ignored by judges causing failure of the justice system in the UK, but you failed to take remedial action resulting in Lord Justice Kitchin being arrested and abandoning court, frustrated and powerless in a failed justice system. Despite the letter dated 13 February 2013, you have failed to take remedial action to uphold the rules of law in the UK to date.



Lack of confidentiality, security, honesty, transparency in the administration of justice resulting in routine fraud, tampering of evidence, files and documents going missing, judges routinely predetermining judgements, repeating the errors of lower courts frustrating the appeals processes in the UK. Failing to discipline jusges who ignore, encourage perjury by officers of the court to pervert the course of justice against litigants in favour of banks, insurers and public and private corporations.


Personal injury claims such as 1) 8WD00336 Chaudhari V Foster, before Lord Justice Kitchin, in Appeal ref. B3/2012/0034 and 2) 1QT8322 Chaudhari V Akbari & Mesuria in appeal QB/2012/0604 before Lady Mrs Justice Gloster 3) 1MK02235 Berry V Kaur, NIG & Sidpura in Appeal QB/2012/0491 before Mr Justice Ramsey 4) in claim 0UC84267 Kenneth Elliott & Rowe V Chaudhari appeal B3/2012/2094 before Lord Justice Jackson have been frustrated as a result of county courts such as Reigate County Court, Guildford County Court & Central London County Court, being under the perverse control and influence of Insurance companies such as Esure, National Insurance Guarantee and Royal Sun Alliance, which is by definition fascism. Despite the letter dated 13 February 2013, that the courts have relied on perjury by officers of the court to strike out personal injury claims, you have failed to take remedial action to reinstate claims struck out routinely perverting the course of justice.

Signed: ____________________________

(Appropriate Officer of the Crown Court) Dated: _____________________________

Accompanying email

       Mrs Neelu Berry, Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0JR UK

Crown Court Manager


28 August 2013 

Indictment in Private Prosecution

I hereby request the attached Private Prosecution Indictment sheet be signed by the Court Clerk and processed according to law.  The evidence it refers to is also attached.

If required, I would be pleased to attend for an oral hearing

Yours sincerely

Mrs Neelu Berry

Attachments:  Lawful Argument on Jurisdiction & Sovereignty 2

Transcript of Proceedings

Previous letters sent to the Justice leaders dated 03 February 2013 & 21 August 2013, see below

Dear Court Clerk,

Further to the indictment sheet in the Private Prosecution submitted in an earlier email, please see below the link to the Prosecution of offences Act 1985 and the sections 6 & 7 under which it is to be processed by the Crown Court.  Once it has been signed by the Court Clerk or a judge or appropriate officer of the Crown Court, a copy should be sent to me by email or post to the address above.   

Yours sincerely

Mrs Neelu Berry

Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 see http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/23 

6. Prosecutions instituted and conducted otherwise than by the Service.


Subject to subsection (2) below, nothing in this Part shall preclude any person from instituting any criminal proceedings or conducting any criminal proceedings to which the Director’s duty to take over the conduct of proceedings does not apply.


Where criminal proceedings are instituted in circumstances in which the Director is not under a duty to take over their conduct, he may nevertheless do so at any stage.

7. Delivery of recognizances etc. to Director.


Where the Director or any Crown Prosecutor gives notice to any justice of the peace that he has instituted, or is conducting, any criminal proceedings, the justice shall—


at the prescribed time and in the prescribed manner; or


in a particular case, at the time and in the manner directed by the Attorney General;

send him every recognizance, information, certificate, deposition, document and thing connected with those proceedings which the justice is required by law to deliver to the appropriate officer of the Crown Court. 

Letter sent 03 February 2013

Previous letter sent to justice leaders in Feb 2013 with evidence of High Treason by HHJ Kamill, ignored, bailiffs continue harassment of parents of Baby Sunaina

Miss Sadhana Chaudhari & Rajesh Kumar, Robinia Close, Ilford, Essex IG6 3AJ

c/o Mrs Neelu Berry, Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex IG5 0JR

3 February 2013

Justice Minister Rt Hon Damian Green, [email protected], Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice  Rt Hon Chris, Grayling [email protected], Attorney general Dominic Grieve QC MP [email protected], Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice & President of the Courts of England and Wales Houses of Parliament Parliament Square London

Dear Rt Hon Damian Green, Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Dominic Grieve QC MP & Lord Judge,

I am writing to report routine criminal perversions of the courses of justice and miscarriages of justice as follows:-

1.      Misfeasance by Snaresbrook Crown Court, SCC, since 31 January 2012, over a year ago, when form NG was handed in by Appellants Chaudhari & Kumar appealing the judgement of HHJ Kamill dated 18 January 2012 but not sent to Criminal Appeal Court to date, over a year later

2.      No public hearing; hearing behind closed doors, tapes missing – The court tape recordings of the trial held on 14 & 15 November 2011 and 18 January 2012 have gone missing

3.      Perverting the course of justice by HHJ Kamill who, according to then manager,  Mr Stuart Hill, took the completed Form NG home and refused to return it to the manager.

4.      Perverse fines in the Redbridge Magistrates Court lay Magistrate Mark Taylor, under a non –existent Law “Multiple Occupation Act” without any basis in law or any evidence.  Court sided with the Prosecutor London Borough of Redbridge despite no mandatory HMO license required for a 3 bed town house with live-in land-lords and

occupants who do not qualify for mandatory licensing (i.e. squatters, homeless).  Evidence that the homeless unemployed couple with pregnancy ought to have been provided with priority housing by the Prosecutor but was not so provided to fabricate a fraudulent prosecution, out of time, using fraudulent photographic evidence which

could not be relied upon.

5.      Perverse fines in the Snaresbrook crown Court before HHJ Louise Kamill under under a non –existent Law “Multiple Occupation Act” without any basis in law.

6.      Form NG has not yet been received by the Criminal Appeals Court from SCC despite written confirmation in a letter from the Supreme Court dated November 2012, that the appeal lies there, having been copied to the new Manager of SCC Ms Sally Kenny in November 2012.

7.      A perverse hearing on 23 October 2012 in the High Court Queens Bench Division of Admin Court before Judge Ross Cranston, an hour’s listing to blindly rubber stamp in judicial review the perverse preliminary judgement of HHJ Kamill dated 15 November 2011 on  preliminary issues, namely, recusal and strike out of the prosecution on grounds it is without any basis in law.  The judgement of Judge Cranston is without law given that there were no representations from the treasury solicitors  opposing the application for judicial review.

 The judgement was also perverse given that the Prosecutor, London Borough of Redbridge, an interested party, was given audience and perversely allowed to defend the Respondents, namely Judge Kamill and the SCC.

8.      The Appellants have made criminal allegations in Barkingside Police Station today for the attention of the Superintendant of Police, Ilford Police Station against Judge Kamill and the SCC for perverting the course of justice by failing to submit the completed Form NG to the Criminal Appeals Court.

9.      The North East & East Collection and Compliance Centre has failedto stay the fines despite evidence of perjury & perverting the courseof justice.

The Appellants have a right to have their appeal heard including their counterclaim for a miscarriage of justice heard in the Criminal Appeals Court.

They look forward to early confirmation that the fines are stayed until such time.

The public has lost confidence in the justice system since false prosecutions by local Councils are being blindly rubber stamped by Crown Courts and High Courts without any basis in law to extort fines from innocent members of the public.

Yours sincerely, Miss Sadhana Chaudhari & Rajesh Kumar,

c/o Mrs Neelu Berry, Copied to Treasury Solicitors Karl Banister & Neera Gajjar

MS ANH NGO, London North East and East Courts, London Collection & Compliance Centre

PO Box 31092 London SW1 P 3WS Tel 0207 556 8500 Fax 8530

Letter sent 21 August 2013

Letter sent to UK leaders for the removal from office of Justice leaders, their arrests and plans for global reparations similar to Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Institute for Justice and Reconciliation http://www.ijr.org.za/
22 August 2013
Calling for the immediate arrest of Justice Minister Rt Hon Damian Green, Lord Chancellor Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Attorney general Dominic Grieve QC & Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge,in public interests on behalf of the public for failing to remove judges committing High Treason, see transcripts far below

Dear Leaders,

Please see attached, for your information, the 13 page bundle and transcripts before Lord Justice Kitchin & Mr Justice Sycamore, as evidence on which I exercise my Citizens right for the arrests and the immediate removal from public office of the above public officers in public interests for crimes against humanity.

By the highest authority vested in me by Lord Kitchin over the Court of Appeal on 03 July 2013, I declare the Forgiveness Project of Archbishop Desmond Tutu as the new administrator of law and justice in the UK.

I declare that the UK public demands that Bradley Manning is released from US prison forthwith, and he is compensated for a miscarriage of justice at a rate of $1000,000 per day of confinement, increasing by $2,000,000 per day for each day he continues to be imprisoned.

Manning is immune from prosecution, as a British Citizen by descent, as a key witness in the prosecution of George W Bush for the murder of over 4,000 soldiers and over a million Iraqi civilians as detailed in the book by Victor Bugliosi "The Prosecution of GW Bush for murder".

I declare that the public demands that Julian Assange is given immunity to prosecution anywhere in the world as a key witness in the prosecution of G W Bush for the above murders.  Assange is also protected by the Public Interest Disclosure Act, otherwise known as Whistleblowers Act.

I declare in the public interests, the release of advanced antigravity patents and those of Professor Keshe in www.keshefoundation.org 

Yours sincerely Mrs Neelu Berry Peel Drive Ilford Essex IG5 0JR UK

Letter sent to Justice leaders excercising my right as a Citizen for their arrest, see www.icj13.webs.com

Mrs Neelu Berry,  Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0JR, UK

21 August 2013

Justice Minister Rt Hon Damian Green, [email protected]

Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice  Rt Hon Chris

Grayling [email protected],

Attorney general Dominic Grieve QC MP [email protected],

Lord Judge, Lord Chief Justice & President of the Courts of England and Wales

c/o Houses of Parliament, House of Lords

Parliament Square


Dear Rt Hon Damian Green, Rt Hon Chris Grayling, Dominic Grieve QC MP

& Lord Judge,

Further to the letter from my sister, Miss Sadhana Chaudhari, dated 03 February 2013, see below, you have failed to acknowledge, respond or take remedial action for the crimes of High Treason being committed by UK judges such as HHJ Kamill on 18 January 2012. 

As a result, Mr Justice Sycamore committed High Treason in Royal Courts of Justice, London, on 23 May 2013 in CO/2222/2013, see transcript, with evidence of predetermination, abuse of process, in giving audience to interested party local authority Counsel Mr Mark Himsworth, without any Defence or appearance for the Defendant Snaresbrook Crown Court (A1)

On 03 July 2013, Lord Kitchin in Chancery Division, Fetter Lane, understood that High Treason is committed in UK courts routinely and thanked me for arresting him for it.  He then abandoned the court of Appeal, leaving me with the highest authority of the Court of Appeal.  I am hereby exercising my common law rights to remove you from office.

I have the legal right under common laws to declare that there is no lawful jurisdiction in UK courts as a result of High Treasons being committed routinely without any regards to common laws, Divine laws or ancient laws, see www.icj13.webs.com

You are fully aware that you are parading imposters, guilty of orchestrating, administering, condoning, managing the routine High Treason being committed in UK courts by UK judges, see transcript of discussions after judgement of Lord Justice Kitchin dated 03 July 2013, attached (A2).  Despite my previous communications on the Black Projects such as Project Mannequin and the evidence that the London Bombings were a corporate training exercise, you have failed to take remedial action.

My family has had further harassment from Nigerian company Dapmo hired by London Borough of Redbridge for HMCTS as a result of the High Treason by HHJ Kamill in Snaresbrook Crown Court on 18 Jan 2012 which you failed to remedy.

You are facilitating the administration of crimes against the public, which is not a public service acceptable to the public.

I have personally witnessed perjury, tampering of evidence, fraud, committed by solicitors and barristers in courts being ignored by judges such as HHJ David Charles Mitchell, HHJ Baucher, HHJ May, HHJ Faber, awarding costs to perjuring defendant Insurers and fraudulently striking out personal injury claims

I have witnessed HHJ Reid fraudulently sitting in Reigate County Court on Monday 29 October 2012 and issuing Orders stating that he sat in Guildford County Court, see attached (A3, A4) 1QT35822 Chaudhari V Akbari (Liverpool Victoria Insurer) & Mesuria (Esure).  HHJ Reid then struck out my sister’s personal injury claim despite perjury by barrister Scott from 12 Kings Bench Walk chambers and Keoghs solicitors acting for Esure insurance (headquarters in Reigate) of defective service despite filing an acknowledgement of service and obtaining a Default Cost Certificate for almost £8,000 from Reigate County Court for unjustified legal fees to Defendant against Claimant after striking out her claim based on Defendants’ perjury

The strike out by HHJ Reid relied on maladministration by Reigate County Court of the Claimant’s appeal, which has not been processed since 20 December 2011 to date.

Similarly, in my personal injury claim, 1MK2235 Berry V Kaur, NIG Sidpura, the Romford County Court lost the tapes of a hearing before Judge Mullis on 28 May 2013.  (A3) HHJ Faber struck out my claim despite my evidence that Counsel Mr Gary Thornett, also of 12 Kings Bench Walk Chambers, perjured before Judge Mullis and in the Central London County Court about what judge Mullis had stated or annotated by hand. Plexus Law solicitors for Defendants Kaur, a driving instructor, National Insurance Guarantee, the insurer and Sidpura, the learner driver, has hired Sherforce which came to my home yesterday to execute a Notice of Seizure of goods, fraudulently sent by Central London County Court, relying on Counsel’s perjury and lost court tapes (4).

As a result of your failure to take remedial action against the crimes of High Treason, you are all personally responsible for the ongoing High Treason crimes committed in UK courts.

The Barkingside Police, yesterday, refused to investigate the fraudulent back-dating from “21 January 2011” to “21 October 2010”, of without-law, out-of-time summons by Redbridge Council, received on 24 January 2011 which Mr Justice Sycamore failed to refer to Police.

The London Borough of Redbridge has successfully carried out a witch-hunt because many Counsels like Mr Mark Himsworth,  of Dyers Chambers, have the judges & courts in their pockets, persecuting without law, the parents of my neice, baby Sunaina Chaudhari, who died horrifically, isolated in hospital in the care of London Borough of Redbridge social services on 26 October 2000, despite my report to Barkingside Police against doctors 6 days earlier

It is a known fact amongst bent solicitors that any court tape, appeal or file can “go missing” for a payment to court staff.  My entire bundle appealing the decision of Mr Justice King in Royal Pharmaceutical Society V Neelu Chaudhari went missing in the Court of Appeal.  Mr Justice King, who dismissed my appeal, had no expertise in the field of whistleblowing, and had not heard of or applied the Public Interest Disclosure Act.  The Foreign & Commonwealth Office refused to use the Criminal Justice (International Co-operation Act 2003) to request the Indian authorities to do a post-mortem on the body of British/Indian baby Sunaina in a Mortuary in New Delhi since 2007.

You have been complicit in local governments, health authorities, Corporations, Insurance companies and banks making a mockery of the justice system in the UK, persecuting vulnerable individuals for profit and power.  You are responsible for theft, homelessness, death and abductions of family members, in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of UK public victims of injustices, who have been subjected to these crimes during your, and your predecessors’ terms in public office.

You and your subsequent office holders are responsible for ensuring structures for immediate and effective community based reparations with volunteering juries.

The justice system is not in need of saving running costs, it stopped running for the people a long time ago and its reigns must be put in the hands of the people.  You have failed miserably because your decisions were far removed from common laws and common people.  Mr Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group (1) and Mr Brian Gerrish of UKColumn (2) and their supporters may assist in reparations and handover to the local communities.  Lets get people doing what they love doing, which is loving, forgiving, being grateful and being compassionate in the way they deal with others. Prisons are a more inhuman way of dealing with inhuman behavior.   Inhuman behavior needs love compassion forgiveness and gratitude, for setting the example, whether good or bad, as a display or deterrant. Prisons have become training camps for hardened criminals and plans to rehabilitate them back into the community must be the better option for healing humanity as a whole.  It is a known fact that prisoners can buy anything in prisons from easily corruptible prison guards and run all kinds of errands during community service

The public feels dragged them by their hair, kicked and robbed by thug Justice and Home office.

Please ensure all quasi-judicial bodies in the UK, funded yet far removed from public function, are immediately put under the control of numerous non-funded, donation based independent organisations known to represent, rather than persecute, the public.

You may find some ideas for setting up truth committees, similar to those of the Forgiveness Project by Archbishop Desmond Tutu (3) to undertake these reparations in communities, as advised in a channeled message from Abraham Lincoln dated May 2005, see below or link here http://government.insights2.org/Truth.html.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Neelu Berry,

Cc  (1) Roger Hayes www.thebcgroup.org.uk Email [email protected]

(2) Brian Gerrish www.ukcolumn.org  Email [email protected]

(3) Archbishop Desmond Tutu forgiveness Project [email protected] 


(4) UK Leaders

(5) Police Commissioner

Email covering letter sent 05 September 2013

Mrs Neelu Berry, Peel Drive, Ilford, Essex, IG5 0JR, UK

05 September 2013

To Magistrates, CPS, Public Servants, leaders, media

Local & Central Government, Police, HMCTS,


Dear Magistrates & Public Servants,

Please find on the link below and attached, an indictment for the private prosecution of Justice leaders for your individual and collective attention.

The indictment relies on the official transcript of proceedings before Lord Justice Kitchin that Judges in UK courts are routinely disregarding laws, making perverse judgements, denying justice & access to justice and despite committing High Treason routinely, are continuing to hold public service positions in theft and embezzlement of public funds to commit crimes.

This Private Prosecution is to be processed by Magistrates and jury as per law with a recommendation that the CPS may take it over, not obstruct it.

The private prosecution relies on the lawful argument against jurisdiction and sovereignty by Muad’Dib, see Challenge2 attached,the Producer of the Documentary Ripple Effect 2 which proves beyond reasonable doubt that the 7 July 2005 London bombings were a corporate led training exercise which “turned real”.  Those responsible have never been investigated despite massive evidence that the trains and bus were pre-rigged with explosives.  It also relies on the book by James Casbolt “Buried Alive” which proves beyond reasonable doubt that the abduction, abuse, torture and training of children as assassins was a corporate Project Mannequin funded by public money, see attached.

Without this indictment, these corporate crimes will not stop and continue.

Relying on the Justice department to investigate its own failings is not efficient or cost-effective expenditure of public money.  The public officials who are paid by public funds must take individual and collective action to ensure this indictment is processed by a Magistrate sitting with a jury and ensure that the CPS investigate it.


Indictment against Justice leaders for the Theft of over £1bn public money in a dysfunctional Justice system


High Court judges refuses to intervene despite Treasury solicitor not defending a miscarriage of justice without law


In transcript of proceedings, Lord Justice Kitchin, admits High Treason is routinely committed by judges in UK courts, thanks me for arresting him and abandons court, leaving me with the highest authority, higher than the Court of Appeal.  This is evidence of routine gross factual errors, perjury & perverting the course of justice by insurers & personal injury defence solicitors denying justice and access to justice. 


A lawful argument by Muad'Dib against jurisdiction and sovereignty as a result of complex man-made legislation, Acts of Parliament against God's laws 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwyzpzEgUWE 2hr 22min documentary Ripple Effect 2 by Muad'Dib evidence that the London Bombings 7th July 2005 were an "inside" Government job 

http://exopolitics.blogs.com/files/james-casbolt-mi6-buried.alive.pdf Project Mannequinn, a joint MI6 & NSA project since 1972 abducting, abusing, torturing children in assassin training, mind control and remote killings.

You may ask yourself

 “Am I going to continue to work in a system which works against the public or should I take charge to change it to better serve the public?” 

“Is it right that the public has no remedy for being falsely prosecuted, convicted, fined and imprisoned, routinely, without law, without evidence, without proper procedures? Is it right that the public is being denied an appeal process by higher courts pre-determining decisions of the lower courts? Is it right that children are being abducted, abused, tortured and trained as assassins with public money? (see the book “Buried Alive” by James Casbolt).  Is it right that innocent people are being imprisoned whilst public servants are immune to prosecution for their crimes against the British people and humanity? “

As decent human beings, it is your duty to ensure that Police, Magistrates Courts and Crown Courts work together to remedy the National dysfunctional justice system. 

I urge you to work with your colleagues, managers and other departments in processing this indictment according to law. 

 Yours sincerely

 Mrs Neelu Berry

Abraham Lincoln continues to address the People of America

Previously published in



15th December 2005, through Helen Engel

[see http://lincoln.insights2.org/AbeMessage10.html]

Last photograph of President Abraham Lincoln, 1865

PART ONE: 15th December, 2005 AM

There appears to be a crack in the wall of defences. The non-civil war may soon end. We have a prosecutor who is holding on tenaciously, and who will soon have the tentacles of the law around those who have perpetrated such injustice in our beloved land.

Let there be celebrations, and joyful parades, with people waving flags and sounding their horns. Victory is ours. We have won the battle.

Now comes time to win the peace. How many times has it occurred that the spoils of war also spoiled the peace? This time we shall plan, inch by inch, foot by foot, and mile by mile. Not one stone will be left unturned in our attempts to reach that which we aim for, which is the integrity of every man, woman and child to a free life of enjoyment and happiness.

One way to determine which step to take in making plans for reconstruction is to determine what went wrong in the first place. How could this have occurred, that we were so duped into false security that our way of life was taken away from us? How could this have been prevented?

The forces of dark cannot be seen in the daylight.        (long pause)

The forces of dark cannot be seen in the daylight.

Therefore it is necessary to root them out. We will look into every nook and cranny, peer into every hole, in our search for those who have done any injustice to our land and to our people.

How will we deal with them? As they have dealt with us? No, thank God. They will be treated fairly, but justly. We will have Truth Committees in every city, in every town; we will have town meetings, where those must confess to all that they have done. Will we forgive them? Yes we will, because we are people of God, and God forgives.

It will soon be time to begin to set up Truth Committees. You may do it in this manner. Ten people can meet in a home, or in a church or in the local pool hall, and talk about a Truth Committee. If all 10 of those people are of the dark, they will not want a Truth Committee, and they will make no suggestions. Ten more people will meet in like manner. Perhaps two of them will want a Truth Committee. Those two will have another meeting, and perhaps four more will come forth, making six for the Committee. Finally you will have 10.

The next move is to plan your strategy. A Truth Committee announces to the community the date of the first meeting, the place, the time. All members of the community are invited to attend. Who will turn out? Most persons who will attend will have no guilt in their heart. How will you persuade the guilty to attend?

We now come to the painful part. Each citizen will speak for himself, and explain how he has been wronged. A recorder will write down the accusations, and the name or names of the accused. This procedure will be continued on a regular basis, say once a week, until all of the persons in the community who feel that they have been wronged, have come forth, with the names of their accused.

The first 10 members of the Truth Committee, or others whom they may wish to select, will meet and plan a strategy. It will consist of a method to bring each accused forth.

The next item is the selection of judges. These will not be judges of the law, nor need they be lawyers. These will be judges of the people.

That is sufficient for today. I urge all who read this, to spread the word to your community, and to begin finding your first Ten Just Men. If you wish, copy my words and discuss them, and make your plans accordingly. Try to have the majority of the process in place by the end of January 2006.

Be at peace, Soldiers of Truth. Be prepared to forgive and to reconcile. We are on the home stretch. We are heading home.

May the sun shine on America once more.

I am Abraham Lincoln, and my Messenger stands beside me, with a pure heart and a loving soul.

PART TWO: 15th December, 2005 PM

There is a time for frivolity and a time for serious work. Usually frivolity in the midst of serious work adds to the scheme of things.

When the Truth Committees begin to form over the land, we will be receiving many questions. That is good. Questions are an excellent manner by which to learn something specific.

On the agenda will be questions as to who will chair a Truth Committee. A Truth Committee is a group. A group does not require a chairman, but it does need a temporary facilitator. A facilitator usually calls the meeting to order, sets up a small agenda, explains the purpose of the meeting.

In this case there may be people present who are unfamiliar with the conduct of a meeting. Therefore if there is someone in the Committee who has experience in conducting a meeting, ask that person to act as facilitator until others learn the technique.

One of the techniques of a group that operates in tandem, is to limit the time of speaking to perhaps two minutes. A simple clock and a timekeeper will serve adequately.

Another important function of a recorder is to take notes of what decisions were made. Voting can be done by a show of hands, a nod of the head, or a paper ballot. Do not meet for more than two hours. One hour should be sufficient

If there are questions about how to bring up the matter of the Truth Committee, write to the contactee whose name is given.

Now we go to the topic of self-aggrandizement. I ask all members of the Truth Committee to be humble in their pursuit of truth. Do not follow the tactics of the violent TV shows. Follow the kindly mannerisms of the Buddhic people. Be silent, speak softly. You will be dealing with expressions of pain and suffering. This requires tact and gentleness.

When a person stands or sits with you, who has been accused of wrongdoing, do not expose him to ridicule nor draw out his offences. The fact that he has appeared before you is a great punishment. To be accused by one's own fellow citizens is painful. Be kind. Perhaps you are guilty of small transgressions ourself. Our aim is for tolerance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and justice.

When the accused appear before you, spend some time in silence. The facilitator may begin the session with silence, stating that he is allowing each person to connect with his Creator in whatever form that may be.

When an accuser accuses his fellow citizen, what is the accused allowed to say? Allow him to speak his truth.        (pause)

I am very much aware that there are scoundrels in our community who have done numerous wrongs. Because a flow of funds will be coming to all American citizens, much of the pain that has been felt, will automatically be alleviated. This means that you need not be as harsh as you would need to be if the accuser continues to suffer at the hands of the accused. If the accuser is repaid, even from some other source, then I ask both accuser and accused to reconcile, and to begin again.

What am I teaching you? I am teaching you forgiveness. This is what the man Jesus came to teach. If we follow that teaching, our country will renew itself in a very short time.

I leave you now. Please meditate upon my words and take them into your heart. We shall conquer together.

I am Abraham Lincoln. Heaven is pleading our cause.