On 04 Apr 4, 2014, on the anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King, a wave of protests started in Trafalgar Square, London, 

Lawyer Patrick Cullinane, Paul Talbot-Jenkins & Neelu Berry introduce Grand Juries in the UK - Trafalgar Square, Tate & around Parliament Square London from Paul's red double decker London Bus 

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law Lawyer, who has helped hundreds of thousands of victims of Crime by State gets on board Paul Talbot-Jenkin's bus at Trafalgar Square in support of Common Law Grand Juries in the UK

David Cameron, the Prime Minister of the UK, with a very red face, is seen running past Paul's bus by Patrick and Neelu as they are about to get off.  PM is caught by the camera running off top left wearing Black T shirt and Black shorts, with trainers and bare legs, with two body guards and a motorcyclist, wearing yellow fluorescent tops.

Patrick refers to a documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veuWO-jwpnQ Click here Right Honourable Gentlemen? David Cameron Nick Clegg exposed

Patrick explains why there can be no justice before a single judge sitting without a jury or with jury members sitting who are already under an oath of Office, such as solicitors, barristers and Police.

Patrick describes how 13 judges conspired with the Inland Revenue's perjury, sat in camera (made decisions on paper without a public hearing and without a jury) to bankrupt him and rob him of his home.  This experience put him on the path of training as a Common Law Lawyer and public service

An investigation by Phillip Innman, Guardian journalist, found that Patrick was right all alone, yet he has no remedy to date.  He is still without his own home after decades of trying to get justice.  He concludes that Government organisations are conspiring against the people and must be brought to justice before a jury made of our peers (excluding those who have taken an oath of office)

Patrick was falsely accused by the Inland Revenue of owing them £250,000 in a fraudulent assessment by the Inland Revenue when in fact he was owed an equivalent tax rebate from an emergency code.  His life was destroyed in the prime of his life 28 years ago.

Magna Carta Trial by Jury is the answer to the Corruption of Britain - excluding politicians such as Cherie Blair or other public servants who have taken an Oath of Office

Public servants who have taken an oath of allegiance to the Queen cannot sit on a Common Law jury (Grand jury or Trial jury).  People who are not on the Register of Electors, i.e. homeless, are excluded from jury service, as are people like Patrick who have lost faith in the Government and do not bother to vote.  

Paul describes how the gold medallion, belonging to his grandad, who was a freemason, worn by Freemasons, is flashed in court to seek favours from judges, most of whom are also Freemasons.

Patrick agrees with Neelu that the public have a Citizens Right to arrest any public official committing Treason, which is considered a crime worse than murder, if they fail to honour their oath of office to serve the people, (or the Queen who has in turn sworn an oath on the bible to serve the people on behalf of GOD).  This applies to all commonwealth countries and all others on Planet Earth, since humans are sovereign beings with unalienable rights to govern themselves if they are not satisfied with the way they are being governed.  We the People will restore the rule of law, Due process, Trial by Jury as Ordained in our Sovereignty by GOD.  The transcript of the arrest Neelu refers to is on www.icj13.webs.com/evidence

19 March 2014, Budget Day, groups of Protesters question the leaders on why it chooses to embezzle 17.5% on paper money printed by Central Banks which can be printed interest-free by the Government itself - like the Bradbury Pound was in 1914 - which would end debt & servitude immediately

Nick Clegg has no answers and runs off when caught out by Sonia Poulton & Bill Maloney